Illinois Link Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Illinois Link Card Login:



These are the steps that will help you get access to the Illinois Link Card Login:

1. Click on the following link that will take you to the Illinois Link Card Login page as it appears here: Copying and pasting it into the address bar will also work.

2. The first three text fields require you to enter your social security number. Enter your information there in the fields provided.

3. In the next three fields, enter your date of birth in the format of two digits for month, two digits for date, and four digit years.

4. Enter your four digit pin in the next field or move to the next field to enter your card number

5. Click the login button to access your Illinois Link Card account.





When you happen to continue to fall victim to problems with the Illinois Link Card Login, read the next note.

NOTE: The site at this time does not support any online retrieval of credentials. For any issues regarding lost or forgotten information, refer to the contact information provide in the next section of this article.




If you need to contact someone about the Illinois Link Card Login use the details shown in this section.

Appeals Line (for DHS clients to request appeals hearings) V: 1-800-435-0774 TTY: 1-312-793-2697

Bureau of Collections V: 1-800-457-6273

Bureau of Disability Determination Services V: 1-800-225-3607 TTY: 1-800-362-7754

Change Report Line V: 1-800-720-4166 TTY: 1-800-447-6404

Child Care Telephone Billing Line (Child Care Providers only) 1-800-787-9316 V: 1-800-787-9318

DHS Help Line V: 1-800-843-6154 TTY: 1-800-447-6404

Fraud Hotline (medical, welfare fraud) V: 1-800-843-6154 TTY: 1-800-447-6404

Help Me Grow V/TTY: 1-800-323-4769

LINK Card V: 1-800-678-5465 TTY: 1-877-765-3459

Office of Inspector General (reports of abuse, neglect at MH & DD facilities) V/TTY: 1-800-368-1463

Office of Rehabilitation Services & Client Assistance Program (CAP) V: 1-800-641-3929 TTY: 1-800-503-5859

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) V/TTY: 1-800-323-4769


Make no mistake that this isn't the end of everything when it comes to the Illinois Link Card Login process. As they update the site and make changes to the process, we will update the information found here for you as well. This is why we really advise that you bookmark this page to keep everything regarding the Illinois Link Card Login handy at all times.